A little bit about this blogger/Designer/sewist extraordinaire

I want everyone who reads my blog to have a little bit on insight and understanding about just who they are “talking to”. Hi! My name is Jessica C., and I had a “massive” stroke at the age of 29, due to a blood disorder. I also am a cancer survivor (twice). The name JOT Designs comes from a joke between my hubby and I about my need to use what fine motor skills that I got back after the stroke, so that I won’t lose them again. Jessica’s Occupational Therapy.
I have gone from being completely paralyzed on one side of my body, as well as unable to speak at all to just having balance and hip issues, as well as speech issues when I am tired, extremely emotional, or sick. Quite a comeback! But, as they say, “Use it, or lose it”. So, I try to keep what I have worked so hard to get back by doing things with my hands every day, even on days like I’ve had this week, where I have had the flu.
There will be times when I can’t come up with a word, so I will describe the one that I am looking for. There will be times that I may skip a thought, being so excited to get to my point (but I mean, really…who Hasn’t done That?? Hahaha). Please just bear with me…I am trying my best, I promise.
Sometimes, I will share pics while seated, and maybe in my wheelchair, as that’s what I’ve got for the day. Other days, my cane will be off-camera. Regardless, I promise to give this my all.
Lately, I have had the great fortune of being asked to test many patterns (5 in one week last week is probably why I am sick today. haha). I will give each one its own post, as they each deserve nothing but the highest recognition and praise. If, in the future, I tested a pattern that did not strike my fancy for some reason or another, I will be honest and still tactful. Just because it might not be my cup of tea, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be someone else’s favorite love.
I have been sewing since I was 7 years old in 1980-something. It started as my “upcycling” rags into Barbie clothes, but then the Cabbage Patch Kid got jealous. Haha We had no extra money for such extravagant purchases, such as doll clothes, so I would use the clothes that I got holes in or outgrew, or my mom was about to throw away. I had nothing but a needle, thread, and my desire for a wardrobe for my poor dolls.
Now, I am fortunate enough to have the strength and the knowledge to be able to still quilt and sew (for which I am so grateful…I have lost SO many memories because of my stroke). Sewing can be done from a wheelchair, even on “bad days”, which is an amazing gift for me. It helps me to feel like I am still contributing, even in my small way.
Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to writing to you all about all things in my sewing world!

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