Onto a sewing a new beginning… Hello! and it’s #SewSofia

Sometimes life gets us all wrapped up in chaos. It’s the little things that help me step out of the entropy cyclone/cycle, depending on what it is. Like so many others, I have a hard time stepping away from any unfinished project or task. Sometimes, this habit is a helpful.  At other times, it can lead to my downfall in another arena (like, say starting my blog, for example). haha Today, I put my little foot down and say ,”Hi! My name is Jess, and I have a problem with procrastinating and focusing too much on a single task.”
BUT, I can remember to make lists and lists and have the best of intentions, and HOPE that I force myself not to neglect this journey.

Most of my blog entries will be sewing-related. It’s my life-blood. It brings me the best feelings, especially when I can share my finished projects with others.

Fair warning: I help a pattern maker with her sewing circle, so there will be a lot of shout outs to Oxana and her awesome patterns, BUT I do love a good pattern and some awesome fabric, so my love gets spread around to a large group that has come to feel like my family.

This week, I am leading a sew-along (SAL) of the Sofia Knit Sweater patter by Sinclair Patterns (available at sinclairpatterns.com for only $5.99 with the promo code SewSofia until the end of January 2018  #SewSofia) starting on Friday, January 12 at https://m.facebook.com/groups/203137420235033. There will be great fun, shenanigans, prizes, and most importantly SEWING of the most beautiful knit sweater! Doesn’t that make you want to join in on the fun??? Even more exciting is that Southernbellefabrics.com has generously agreed to sponsor the SAL, and so now, there will be one grand prize awarded to the winner of a $25 shop credit. Isn’t that even more enticing?? You just need your copy of the pdf pattern, a couple of yards of knit fabric, a few notions, and a device on which to join in on the fun!

I tested this pattern before its release, and I can say without hesitation that it is a flattering and well-made pattern (the Sofia Knit Sweater pdf pattern by Sinclair Patterns). The plus sizes are made with a plus-sized body’s curves in mind, not just a gradation from a size 6. Her detail-oriented patterns are truly works of art.

This fun sewing time will also help me in my quest to sew one item per week for 52 weeks straight. (you can join our quest at https://www.facebook.com/groups/192544541303173/).

So, for today, I wish you the best that this new year has to offer, and welcome you in my journey to help spread good cheer, sewing advice, and honest pattern and fabric reviews.